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24 Seater Mini Coach Hire

Woking 24 Seater Minibus Hire 
Who we are 
We are experts in offering minibus hire in Woking for all events and occasions. We have one of the best 24 seater minibus hire in the industry. We offer multiple services, including private hire, public hire and door to door pick up and drop off, depending on the needs of our clients.
What we do  
Our aim is to offer you a variety of 24 seater minibuses at a cheaper price. Whether you want airports transfers, weddings, sports, tourist attraction sites, business and corporate events, concerts, festivals, hen do/stag do events, or group of friends, we are at your service. Just call us! 
Reasons why we are better than other companies 
• You can Manage your booking online 
You can book our minibuses online in any place you are without having to move around from place to place. Simply visit our website and fill the booking form and we will attend to you. Very simple! In fact our dedicated staff are ever available to help you.  
• Comfortable ride 
When you hire our 24-seater minibus in Woking, you will have the maximum comfort as safety. We have various luxury amenities to improve your travelling experience, including music systems, toilet, teat/coffee, table, reclining leather seats with three piece seat belts, air conditioning, GPS, and enough leg and luggage spaces. 
• Experienced drivers 
We have a team of experienced, qualified, friendly, honest and knowledgeable drivers who have the passion to serve our clients better. They are licensed, insured, registered and bonded as well as recognised by VOSA and transport regulatory authority in the UK. They will act as your tour guide throughout your journey: feel free to ask them any question. 
• State-of-the-art vehicles 
We have clean, well-maintained, luxury 24 seater minibus hire in the region. We are sure to a provide you with one of the best group travel in Working than any company in the industry. In fact, the testimonies of our clients speak volumes. 
Things to do and see in Woking with our minibus hire 
Woking is a beautiful town with lots of events scheduled to take place annually. The table is already set for Woking food and drinks festival on 4th September 2016. So, put the dates on your dairy and reserve your booking for the event. On 9th July, 2016 there will be a dance party in the park, get prepared to experience different dance moves.  
Besides, you can visit historical houses, parks, gardens, museums, Mizzens Railway and various sport venues to experience various activities. 
If you need a 24 seater minibus hire in Woking, which operates 24/7, please contact us now!